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Der 31. Chaos Communication Congress (31C3) findet unter dem Motto "a new dawn" vom 27. bis 30. Dezember 2014 im Congress Center Hamburg statt.

Plakat zum 31C3


Ein einfaches Ticket kostet in diesem Jahr 100,00 €, das Supporter Ticket 120,00 €.

Livestream an der Hochschule

Wie gewohnt findet zum Kongress ein Livestream im Fachschaftsraum über die volle Laufzeit der Veranstaltung statt. Neben dem Stream findet man noch interessante Menschen, das gelebte Nerdtum und einen Haufen an Club Mate an unserer kleinen Assembly.

Ihr findet vor
  • Streaming über Beamer
  • Club Mate
  • einen Mikrowellenofen
  • eine Herdplatte (eventuell)
  • einen Minibackofen
  • Hardware zum hacken uns Spielen
  • coole Leute


Hier findet sich der sogenannte Fahrplan für den diesjährigen Kongress. Es handelt sich um den Ablaufplan der Veranstaltung.

Tag #1 - 27. Dezember

Zeit Saal 1 Saal 2 Saal G Saal 6
11:00 31C3 Opening Event

- erdgeist, Geraldine de Bastion

- - -
11:30 31C3 Keynote

- alecempire

- - -
12:45 „Wir beteiligen uns aktiv an den Diskussionen“

- Martin Haase/maha

Tell no-one

- James Bamford

3D Casting Aluminum

- Julia Longtin

Personal Tracking Devices and Online Identity

- Silvia, skytools

14:00 SCADA StrangeLove: Too Smart Grid in da Cloud

- Sergey Gordeychik, Aleksandr Timorin

Mit Kunst die Gesellschaft hacken

- Stefan Pelzer, Philipp Ruch

Reproducible Builds

- Mike Perry

Let’s build our own personalized open textile production line

- Hong Phuc Dang

16:00 Practical EMV PIN interception and fraud detection

- Andrea Barisani

Revisiting SSL/TLS Implementations

- Sebastian Schinzel

osmo-gmr: What's new?

- tnt

How I Learned to Stop Reinventing and Love the Wheels

- Andreas Bihlmaier

17:15 SS7: Locate. Track. Manipulate.

- Tobias Engel

Glitching For n00bs

- exide

Mein Bot, der Kombattant

- josch, arche3000

The eXperimental Robot Project

- Norbert Braun, darthrake

18:30 Mobile self-defense

- Karsten Nohl

Rocket science – how hard can it be?

- David Madlener

10 Jahre OpenStreetMap

- Thomas Skowron

Jugend hackt

- fotografiona, Maria Reimer

20:30 The Matter of Heartbleed

- Zakir Durumeric

Space Hacker

- Karsten Becker, Robert

Code Pointer Integrity

- gannimo

Towards General Purpose Reconfigurable Computing on Novena

- stars, Andy Isaacson

21:00 Heartache and Heartbleed: The insider’s perspective on the aftermath of Heartbleed

- Nick Sullivan

- - -
21:45 ECCHacks

- djb, Tanja Lange

Do you care about x86 babushka processors?

- Rudolf Marek

The Cloud Conspiracy 2008-2014

- Caspar Bowden

(In)Security of Mobile Banking

- ericfiliol, Paul Irolla

23:00 Crypto Tales from the Trenches

- Nadia Heninger, Julia Angwin, Laura Poitras

A Tale of Commercial Malware and a Spy Operation

- tw, gadi

Security Analysis of a Full-Body X-Ray Scanner

- Eric Wustrow

SS7map : mapping vulnerability of the international mobile roaming infrastructure

- Laurent Ghigonis

00:00 Citizenfour

- Laura Poitras

- - -

Tag #2 - 28. Dezember

Zeit Saal 1 Saal 2 Saal G Saal 6
11:30 Switches Get Stitches

- Eireann Leverett

Die Stationen von NSA & Co in Österreich

- Erich Moechel

Why is GPG "damn near unusable"?

- Arne Padmos

Uncaging Microchips

- Peter Laackmann, Marcus Janke

12:45 Beyond PNR: Exploring airline systems

- saper

Trustworthy secure modular operating system engineering

- hannes, David Kaloper

Lightning Talks Day 2

- gedsic

Serenität – Anleitung zum Glücklichsein

- Elektra, Andrea Behrendt - read & delete

14:00 Security Analysis of Estonia's Internet Voting System

- J. Alex Halderman

Cyber Necromancy

- Joseph Tartaro, Matthew Halchyshak

Programming with dependent types in Idris

- raichoo

16:00 Safer playing with lasers

- Sarah

Das Transparenzportal Hamburg

- Lothar Hotz

GIFs: Tod eines Mediums. Und sein Leben nach dem Tod.

- Felix Mütze

The automobile as massive data gathering source and the consequences for individual privacy

- Volkmar

17:30 Information Control and Strategic Violence

- Anita Gohdes

Forging the USB armory

- Andrea Barisani

Hacking Ethics in Education

- Jeroen van der Ham

Mr Beam goes Kickstarter

- Teja

18:15 Vor Windows 8 wird gewarnt

- ruedi

Privacy and Consumer Markets

- Reuben Binns

Global Civil Society Under Attack

- Michael Carbone

Open-BCI DIY-Neuroscience Maker-Art Mind-Hacking

- MeTaMiNd EvoLuTioN

19:00 »Hard Drive Punch«

- Aram Bartholl

The Invisible Committee Returns with "Fuck Off Google"

- The Accused of Tarnac, tarnac nine

Internet of toilets

- tbsprs

Blow Stuff Up With Your Brain

- merlin (Alex Glowaski)

20:30 Reconstructing narratives

- Jacob, Laura Poitras

Attacks on UEFI security, inspired by Darth Venamis's misery and Speed Racer

- Rafal Wojtczuk, Corey Kallenberg

Mining for Bugs with Graph Database Queries

- fabs

Unlocking the bootloader of the BlackBerry 9900

- Alex

21:45 Fernvale: An Open Hardware and Software Platform, Based on the (nominally) Closed-Source MT6260 SoC

- bunnie, Xobs

Inside Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg

- Bill Scannell

Is a network neutral internet neutral enough?

- Rejo Zenger, Thomas Lohninger

Too Many Cooks - Exploiting the Internet-of-TR-069-Things

- Lior Oppenheim, Shahar Tal

23:00 Ich sehe, also bin ich ... Du

- starbug

Doing right by sources, done right

- Sarah Harrison, gracefire

Traue keinem Scan, den du nicht selbst gefälscht hast

- David Kriesel

Superheroes Still Need Phoneboxes

- Ben Dalton

00:15 Fnord News Show

- frank, Fefe

- - -
16:45 Krypto für die Zukunft

- ruedi

Finding the Weak Crypto Needle in a Byte Haystack

- Ben H.

Long war tactics

- Sacha van Geffen


Tag #3 - 29. Dezember

Zeit Saal 1 Saal 2 Saal G Saal 6
11:30 Freedom in your computer and in the net

- Richard Stallman

From Computation to Consciousness

- Joscha

From Maxwell to antenna arrays

- Friederike

Why do we need an open food information platform

- Alexis

12:45 Jahresrückblick des CCC

- Frank Rieger, erdgeist, Linus Neumann, heckpiet

Let's build a quantum computer!

- Andreas Dewes

Lightning Talks Day 3

- Theresa

Damn Vulnerable Chemical Process

- Marmusha

16:00 Deine Rechte sind in diesen Freihandelsabkommen nicht verfügbar

- Katharina Nocun

EMET 5.1 - Armor or Curtain?

- René Freingruber


- Philipp Jovanovic, aumasson


- Robert Verch & Eva Olivin

17:15 DP5: PIR for Privacy-preserving Presence

- Ian Goldberg, George Danezis, Nikita Borisov

What Ever Happened to Nuclear Weapons?

- Michael Büker

Source Code and Cross-Domain Authorship Attribution

- Aylin, greenie, Rebekah Overdorf

Die Krise der Bilder ist die Krise der Politik

- Mareike Foecking

18:30 EFI bootkits for Apple MacBooks

- Trammell Hudson

The Maker movement meets patent law

- Natalia Lukaszewicz

"Exploit" in theater

- cyphunk / nathan fain

The Only Thing We Know About Cyberspace Is That Its 640x480

- olia lialina

20:30 IFG – Mit freundlichen Grüßen

- Stefan Wehrmeyer

Living Drones

- Anja Drephal


- Johannes Taelman

Agri-tech and the Arts: From Barns to D-Space

- Richard Marggraf Turley

21:15 The Magical Secrecy Tour

- Leslie Dunton-Downer

Computer Science in the DPRK

- Will Scott

Eye Wear Computing

- Kai Kunze

The Time is Right

- c-atre

22:00 The Perl Jam: Exploiting a 20 Year-old Vulnerability

- Netanel Rubin


- Maria Xynou, Claudio ࿓ vecna

Automatically Subtitling the C3

- timobaumann

22:45 UNHash - Methods for better password cracking

- Tonimir Kisasondi

MegaCode to facility gates

- Kévin Redon

The Machine To Be Another

- BeAnotherLab

23:30 Infocalypse now: P0wning stuff is not enough

- Walter van Holst

Snowden Effect vs. Privacy Paradox

- MHerz

Higher-Dimensional Geometry and Fractals

- Magnus

00:15 Googlequiz – 2015er Edition

- Jöran Muuß-Merholz

- - -
14:00 Correcting copywrongs

- Julia Reda

Funky File Formats

- Ange Albertini

- -

Tag #4 - 30. Dezember

Zeit Saal 1 Saal 2 Saal G Saal 6
12:45 Why are computers so @#!*, and what can we do about it?

- Peter Sewell

Attribution revolution

- Jonas Öberg

Lightning Talks Day 4

- breakthesystem

Diamonds are a quantum computer’s best friend

- Nicolas Wöhrl

14:00 State of the Onion

- Jacob

The Taste of Surveillance

- Allegra Searle-LeBel, Mike Tyka

Encrypting the Web

- sdschoen

16:00 Paypals War on Terror

- the_no

31C3 Infrastructure Review

- Leon

Virtual Machine Introspection

- Tamas K Lengyel, Thomas Kittel

17:15 Security Nightmares

- frank, Ron

Tor: Hidden Services and Deanonymisation

- Dr Gareth Owen

Telescope Making

- Madonius

18:30 31C3 Closing Event

- tomate, Geraldine de Bastion

- - -
11:30 Low Cost High Speed Photography

- polygon

Podcasting with Podlove

- Tim Pritlove

The rise and fall of Internet voting in Norway

- Tor E. Bjørstad